Mysteriously Becoming Itself (02134). Great giant hums like the summer sunset over Brighton Avenue.

Nimbostratus. Slower and slower until the past and present superimpose.

Contact, or Biplane Through The Mirror. Leave yourself behind and take a trip on reflected light.

Tasseography #25. The quietest and most monotonous yet!

Midsummer Sky. Inspired by the number two and a trip to the beach.

Pastorale (for Josť Luis Rodriguez Zapatero). This piece contains a steganographic message, as do the following two.

Past Tense.

Marianne and Laetitia.

Palindrome #1. This piece is a perfect audio palindrome, so if you don't like the middle section, take heart! The beginning will recapitulate.

Scooter's Bad Mood. Unlike other pieces on this page, this one consists of lots of awful noise, plus a celebrity guest!

Pink Waves One Hour.

Music For Dreaming part 1: To Sleep. Please listen to Music for Dreaming at low volume.

Music For Dreaming part 2: A Dream.

Music For Dreaming part 3: Z's.


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